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Music has always been a great love of Dr. Prime, a true source of inspiration.

Shortly after the turn of the century, Dr. Prime was inspired to write a peace of music which she had heard inwardly for a number of months. The resulting peace, the “Angelic articulation” was arranged by Michel Deneuve and performed on crystal organ in the year 2000 for the first time. A second orchestral version was recorded with members of the Orchestre National de Paris. A third, modern version for percussion and accordeon was recored by members of the Klangforum Wien.

The “Angelic Articulation” consists of 22 phrases, which unit at the end in a finale (23). The significance of the sound is revealed by the text accompanying every musical phrase.

The sound is like condensed light. When you listen to it with quiet mind in meditation, special sensations begin to stir up in your body. It travels through your whole being and on its way awakens memories, feelings, energies, taking you into a new dimension.

It is difficult to explain in words, one has to experience it oneself. You might discover a new clarity and strength emerging in your thoughts, feelings, in your whole being.

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