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Dr. Petia Prime

Dr. Petia Prime is an educator and a visionary. She is the founder of E21C, a non-profit organisation for art in all it’s forms. Petia Prime paints, sculpts, writes books and music.

She has used colour, sound and psychodynamic exercises to create an effective method of psychotherapy, which deals with subconscious emotional blocks in a non-traumatic way.

She has taught many doctors and medical practitioners the art of energy medicine. In recent years, she has developed a number a energy sculptures applying insights of the emerging sciences and energy medicine.

Petia in front of transformer

“I believe that there is an artist in each one of us. The artist in each one of us is the unspoilt core before it gets choked by conditioning, schooling, training – until the artist within shrivels up and is forgotten. That core is never killed completely. At times it responds to nature, to beauty, to life, suddenly aware again of being in the presence of a mystery that baffles understanding and which only has to be glimpsed to renew our spirit and to make us feel that life is a supreme gift.” Petia Prime

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